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“All-in-1” Home & Commercial Service Software

Fastest way to Start, Grow & Scale your Business

See why PodiumIO is the Best “All-in-1” solution to build & manage your On-line & Off-line business.
  • Acquire New On-line Customers & Instantly Process Call-Ins
  • Simplify Running Your business! Save Time & Money
  • Your Online Presence – Hassle Free!
  • Live Support

Acquire New Customers

Best Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Software

Instantly Convert Online Shoppers into Paying Customers

80% of home service buyers are now shopping on-line. Build integrity with our gorgeous booking pages & instantly convert site visitors into paying customers. Site visitors can instantly obtain personalized pricing, schedule a booking, pay online & receive an instant confirmation while on your web or social site.

  • Create Unlimited customized Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages
  • Install on any Web & Social site in seconds
  • Sell services online 24/7 on any device

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Software for Call-In Customers

Delight your Call-In & On-Premise customers

Build great long term relationships by impressing prospects or returning customers. From anywhere, create or edit customer bookings directly in your Calendar with a simple drag and drop. Save a ton of time.

  • Create & Price Call-in Bookings instantly
  • Use your Online booking pages or create custom bookings
  • Make pricing jobs as simple as 1,2,3

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Online Sales Channels Software

Let your Social Channels sell your services

Connect social channels & online ads directly to your Personalized Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages. Let them instantly work to bring you paying customers – not just traffic.

  • Connect your Facebook “Book Now” button directly to your Personalized Pricing & Real-Time booking pages & increase sales
  • Reboot the ROI on all your advertising efforts
  • Significantly increase conversion rates of your Google Ads

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Request-A-Quote Software

Increase Engagement & Conversion of online shoppers & email prospects

Create highly customized online “Request-A-Quote” (RAQ) questionnaires to engage online shoppers & stop them from continuing their search online. Instantly direct the RAQ to business development person so they can Call & Close the deal before the customer leaves your website.

  • Engage Clients with RAQ questionnaires that convert
  • Instantly direct RAQ’s to designated sales persons
  • Direct Email Campaigns to RAQ’s that convert

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Home & Commercial Service Instant Quoting Software

Send Professional Email Quotes to prospect customers

Make every cold call or call-in customer count! Instantly send professional email quotes using any one of your existing Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages to prospective Call-In or cold call customers who aren’t yet ready to commit.

  • Increase your call conversion rates with instant professional email quotes
  • Create unlimited & Insta-quote pages for any service!
  • Accommodate both commercial & residential services

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Multi-Channel Inbox

An easy all-in-one software for managing your customer & team communications

Receive and reply to all incoming messages from channels like Chat, SMS, Email, Social Media, etc right from your Inbox. Multi-Channel Inbox including via our Mobile App, makes it possible to stay connected in the field and 24/7.

Deliver a customer experiences that lead to greater loyalty and more sales,

  1. Respond Faster by connecting all your channels in a single Inbox
  2. More sales opportunity with quick access to “Actions”
  3. Coordinate quickly with your team with access to shared inbox
  4. Access to rich customer context without leaving Inbox.

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Customer Floating Dock

Make it easy for your customers to communicate & buy your service 24/7

Customer Floating Dock is a set of customer Call-To-Actions which includes Click-to-Call, Customer Login, Live Reviews, Live Pricing Buy Button and ChatBox!

  • Always appear on every page of your website.
  • Always appear as you scroll on ANY website page
  • Your Booking pages and Review are always in sight and just a click away

Want to add FREE dock to your website and get it installed at zero cost?

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Engage website visitors and turn them into happy customers.

PodiumIO ChatBox, an all-in-one tool designed to deliver great experience, close more sales, collect payments, gather reviews, and drive repeat business—all within the same conversation. Add it to your website in minutes, Enhance your customer’s experience and instantly boost sales.

Keep the conversation going using web or mobile app!

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The BEST “ALL-IN-1” E-commerce Solution

Appointment Scheduling & Management Software

SMART Calendar & Scheduling Software

Fastest way to Book Appointments

Save a ton of time & cost with PodiumIO proprietary SMART Calendar. Easily create new bookings, reschedule appointments or make adjustment on the fly, directly in your calendar with a single drag & drop. Your customers are instantly notified and you never have to search for an email again!

  • Create/reschedule/update/cancel bookings instantly
  • Instant Email & SMS updates & reminders
  • Color coded for easy viewing

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Fastest Call-in & On-Premise Booking Software

Fastest way to process Call-In & On-Premise bookings

Save a ton of time and increase revenue per customer. Simply select an available time in your calendar, then select to create a new Customized booking or select any of your existing online Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages to enter the new customer orders.

  • Create/Edit bookings directly in your calendar
  • Automatically send confirmations & updates
  • Automate the estimating process for any job

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Drag & Drop Dispatching Software

Get your Service Team to where they need to be

Easily assign jobs to one or more team members & auto-inform them of their work schedule – where they need to be and when. At any time and from anywhere, assign and reschedule service events and immediately update service provider schedules with a simple & intuitive drag & drop.

  • Assign jobs to 1 or more team members with a single Drag n Drop
  • Use Auto Dispatching to prioritize who gets which job
  • Employee job calendar with real-time email/sms notifications

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Real-Time Availability Planning Software

Optimize schedules based on Real-Time Availability

Set your schedule planning & availabilities into Autopilot. Never worry about double booking. Let PodiumIO Auto plan your team’s schedule & availabilities. PodiumIO instantly informs your customers and team members of any changes.

  • Display Real-Time availability right on your website
  • Block off Time with a single drag-n-drop
  • Update Availabilities by employee instantly

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Email & SMS Notifications & Reminders Software

Build Integrity with Customers & Employees!

Build customer & employee trust with Instant Booking Notifications & Automated Service Reminders. Instantly send your customers notifications and scheduled service reminders to let them know you are on your way. Your Service Providers will always be up to date with any schedule or booking changes. More importantly, personalized service reminders are guaranteed to reduce customer No-Shows.

  • Customizable Booking Confirmations & Service Reminders
  • Auto-sent, so you save time and money
  • Eliminate No-Shows & Keep clients happy!

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Advanced Customer & Booking Profiles Software

Best-in-class Layout for Customer & Booking Profiles allows super simple navigation

PodiumIO is designed to ensure you can easily navigate between Customer & Booking profiles and always find what you are looking for. Save a ton of time Creating, Editing, Rescheduling, or Updating any customer or booking and never keep your clients waiting.

  • Multi-access point for creating & managing Customer Profiles & Bookings
  • Update one-time or recurring bookings instantly
  • Keep Notes for Customers & Bookings

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Secure Online Payment Processing Software

Secure, Easy On-line Payment Processing for all your customers

More than 70% of Home service buyers now shop on-line. So let’s make it easy for them to buy from you. We’ve made it easy for you to open your store to the fastest-growing segment of home & commercial service buyers.

  • Pre-authorize credit cards & verify the availability of funds
  • Process payments directly from your PodiumIO account
  • Easy & Simple Stripe Integration

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Zip/Postal Code Filtering Software

Manage the Zip/Postal Codes you serve

Maximize your businesses productivity. Save time from having to double handle prospect customer outside the areas you serv. Auto filter and instantly inform prospect customers if you don’t service their zip/postal code.

  • Maximize return of advertising (online & off-line)
  • Target Areas which optimize your teams travel
  • Easily add zip/postal codes as you expand your business

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Home & Commercial Services Workforce Management Software

Managing your Workforce just got easy!

The most challenging task for Home & Commercial Service Businesses is managing their workforce – admin staff, service providers and/or technicians. PodiumIO’s evolving Home & Commercial Service workforce management features makes managing your entire team much more simpler. Get ready for some free time for yourself!

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Mobile App

Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our Mobile App

Easiest way to manage your team & business in real-time from anywhere anytime

  • Save time & do more with immediate mobile access to all bookings & updates with a simple touch
  • Manage your team remotely with mobile alerts & notifications, checkin/checkout and significantly reduce travel time
  • Better customer experience by your Service Provider with access to the pre-set information via attachments & notes

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The BEST “ALL-IN-1” E-commerce Solution

Build Your Online Marketing Strategy


Home & Commercial Service Mobile Responsive Websites

Hassle FREE Customizable Home & Commercial Service Websites

Build your online ecommerce website with PodiumIO’s one-stop-shop for all your Online Digital Marketing needs. Our All-in-1 professional Home Service Websites are fully mobile responsive and have been specifically designed to ensure on-line shoppers visiting your website are instantly converted into paying customers. Select amongst our current designs & be up an running in a few hours. Built on wordpress you can modify anytime and expand with new services on the fly!

  • Add unlimited Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages
  • Designed to Sell Any Service. Easily add more services as you grow.
  • Hosting & SSL certificate included
  • Includes FREE content upload & review

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Web Hosting for Home & Commercial Service Businesses

Web Hosting & SSL made easy!

We make it Hassle FREE so you can focus on growing your business and not have to worry about the technical aspects of your website. Included with your PodiumIO Home & Commercial Service Website is our hosting services as well as the installation of a SSL certificate to ensure greater security for your new Home & Commercial Services online store. We’ll even install your website on your domain and monitor it to make sure your visitors are getting a great online experience.

  • Simple Domain Set Up & Data protection.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Optimized for speed!

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Listings & Reviews

Be discovered. Get more 5-star reviews. Win more customers.

Your 1-click portal to be seen across major platforms and to easily obtain more positive reviews. Listings & Reviews helps you to

  • Significantly increase your ranking on Google and other search engines
  • More online bookings, call-in bookings, and website visits
  • Convert more visitors into paying customers
  • Eliminate costly online advertising expenses

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Online Reviews app

The fastest way to get positive online reviews. With just one click.

PodiumIO Reviews (Online Reputation Management Platform) makes it easier for your business to get unlimited online reviews and ratings across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more—all in one portal. Build your home service business reputation, rank higher in search results, and win customers while spending $0 in ads.

  • Boost Your 5-Star Reviews & Rank Higher For Local Consumers. 
  • Be found easily by local buyers and boost your sales
  • One portal to manage reviews across many platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would prefer to accept cash only for my bookings, is this possible?

Absolutely! Our booking pages give you the option to accept Credit Card, Cash, Check, or No Specification for your customers checkout.

In the Back Office Management Software is it possible to add employees but restrict what they’re able to see and do?

Yes! Admins can set the access rights for each service provider (employee) in their settings under ‘access rights’.

Do I need to have a website?

No you don’t. If you don’t have an existing website, and are not interested in creating your own website, you can place our Real Time Pricing and Booking Pages through your facebook and instagram pages/profiles.

Does the system handle recurring bookings?

Absolutely. PodiumIO’s bookings can be set to recur every week, every two weeks, or every 4 weeks. Moreover, you can encourage recurring bookings with discounts, and all scheduling and notifications happen automatically.

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