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SMART Calendar & Scheduling Software

Fastest way to Book Appointments

Save a ton of time & cost with PodiumIO proprietary SMART Calendar. Easily create new bookings, reschedule appointments or make adjustment on the fly, directly in your calendar with a single drag & drop. Your customers are instantly notified and you never have to search for an email again!

  • Create/reschedule/update/cancel bookings instantly
  • Instant Email & SMS updates & reminders
  • Color coded for easy viewing
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Update & modify bookings directly in your SMART Calendar

Use PodiumIO’s Drag’n Drop SMART Calendar to reschedule appointments as well as update or modify bookings in seconds. Your Customers & Service Providers are automatically updated with email notifications and you save hours of work each day.

Smart-Calendar Create and Modify Bookings
Smart Calendar Color Coded

Color Coded Calendar with Multi-View options

Keep track of your operations with our multi-view option calendar including personalized color settings. View your calendar by > Service Provider, > Service type, > % of Booking Assigned and much more. Keeping track of your business activity just got a lot simpler.

Multi-view, Multi-Functional SMART Calendar

PodiumIO’s SMART Calendar is the simplest yet most advanced multi-functional calendar in the entire home services industry. It’s versatility and ease-of-use design allows you to set calendar views instantly.

Smart Calendar multi functional

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