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Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our Mobile App

Easiest way to manage your team & business in real-time from anywhere anytime

  • Save time & do more with immediate mobile access to all bookings & updates with a simple touch
  • Manage your team remotely with mobile alerts & notifications, checkin/checkout and significantly reduce travel time
  • Better customer experience by your Service Provider with access to the pre-set information via attachments & notes
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Save a ton of time in communication & coordination

Eliminate unproductive back & forth scheduling, reduce no shows with real-time updates and notifications

  • Real-time access for all service providers to their entire calendar with a simple touch
  • Always have the latest booking information
  • Real-time updates for instant communication & coordination
  • Access to your customer information on the go

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Mobile App - Assignments

Monitor your team remotely & instantly

Immediate assignment notifications to your team for quick communication & coordination

  • Monitor actual work hours through our check-in/check-out feature
  • Significantly reduce travel time by access to maps
  • Be updated when your Service Provider is “running late” or is “on the way”

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Ensure a great customer experience with a happy team!

Our Mobile app makes it easy for your team to deliver timely & quality service.

  • Add Attachments such as checklists, specifications and much more.
  • Keep your service provider pre-informed with customer or booking specific Notes
  • Instantly Access maps to assess best routes and arrival time
  • Call customers on the go with a simple click (optional setting)

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Mobile App - Booking more info (tablet)
Mobile App - Booking information

Easiest & fastest way to manage your local service appointments on the go

All the above and so much more coming!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I offer multiple services, is it possible to make multiple booking pages?

Absolutely, you can make as many booking pages as you like! To create a new booking page, in the Back End Management Software simply click ‘Service Pages’, then ‘Create Booking Page’ and you can pick from our layouts or customize your own.

Can I input a booking without using a booking page?

Yes, no problem! Our Backend Management Software easily allows booking entry, so whether it’s from call-ins, emails, or on location, you can simply click ‘new booking’ and follow your own guide to create a booking, customer, and assign employees.

I operate in multiple languages do I have to create a new booking page for each language?

No, PodiumIO supports multiple languages, simply click the language tab in your ‘Booking Page Editor’ and change the titles of each section to the language you support.

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