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Home & Commercial Services Workforce Management Software

Managing your Workforce just got easy!

The most challenging task for Home & Commercial Service Businesses is managing their workforce – admin staff, service providers and/or technicians. PodiumIO’s evolving Home & Commercial Service workforce management features makes managing your entire team much more simpler. Get ready for some free time for yourself!

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Make managing & organizing your workforce Stress Free!

Your admin can easily assign team member roles, add or remove staff, assign access and edit privileges, set service provider dispatching priorities by service, and give dynamic edit and access rights to your workforce. We made it entirely flexible so you can set preferences based on what makes sense for your business.

H1 Labour Management
Labour management engage home service providers

Engage your Service Providers &/or Technicians

Your unlimited Service Providers &/or technicians can easily login to view their work calendar, view assigned bookings & job details and update their availabilities (subject to Admin permission settings). Every morning, they’ll also receive their work-schedule to make sure there’s never any confusion.

Simplify the payroll management process

Scheduled Hours Reports when you want them. Automate tracking your teams scheduled work hours and save a ton of time having to issue your payroll. Our reports feature also includes a variety of standard reports for your business operations.

H3 Labour Management

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