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Here's what PodiumIO's Google Ads service will do for your service business

Drive website visits

Direct people who are looking for the service you offer to your website.

Get more leads

Increase the number of customers with ads that feature your services.

Target local customers

Target your ads to appear in specific geographic locations: countries, a radius around a location, places of interest, your business locations, and many more.

What is included in the PodiumIO Google Ads Management Service?

One time setup includes –

1) Auditing your website’s landing page and suggesting if any improvements required

2) Auditing your Booking pages and suggesting if any improvements required

3) Set up Conversion tracking to capture clicks, bookings, calls

4) Google Analytics

  • Setup Google Analytics (GA)
  • Add/troubleshoot GA code on the website
  • E-commerce tracking setup
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Setting up Goals and Conversion Tracking

5) Google Ads

  • Setting up Google Ads
  • Research the market, user intent, keywords, competitor analysis
  • Strategizing the Google Ad structure to best utilize the Ad budget
  • Setting up an Ad campaign, creating Ad copies, Adding negative keywords
  • Setting up call, service, image extensions
  • Utilize ad scheduling

The Monthly Google Ads Management includes –

  • Adding more campaigns and Ads
  • Optimization of Ads and extensions
  • Budget monitoring
  • Optimizing keywords and reviewing negative keywords
  • Adjusting Bidding Strategy
  • Split-ad testing
  • Sharing & tapping in new strategies to utilize Google ad spend
  • To-the-point reporting with Google Ads KPI’s and Actual Revenue earned

Getting started is easy!

1. We start with a 30 mins exploratory call to get to know about your business growth plan and the services you offer. We build Google Ads for you from scratch or if you have an existing Google Ads account, we take it from there.

That way, we know what’s unique about your service business and build Google Ads that get you the type of customers you want.

2. Estimate the budget according to your business growth plan. Build Campaign and Ad copies, get your final approval and set it live!

3. If anytime you are booked or away, it is easy to pause the Ads and restart them anytime

For more information contact your PodiumIO Account Manager

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While we work to make it easy for your customers to find your business online, all you need to do is, sit tight to attend to more customers!

Grow your business online with Google Ads

Show up when your potential customers are looking for the service you offer

Get more online quality leads that could turn into potential paying customers

Build a strong online presence in the local & targeted geolocation

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