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Drag & Drop Dispatching Software

Get your Service Team to where they need to be

Easily assign jobs to one or more team members & auto-inform them of their work schedule – where they need to be and when. At any time and from anywhere, assign and reschedule service events and immediately update service provider schedules with a simple & intuitive drag & drop.

  • Assign jobs to 1 or more team members with a single Drag n Drop
  • Use Auto Dispatching to prioritize who gets which job
  • Employee job calendar with real-time email/sms notifications
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Priority Auto-Dispatch

Automate and prioritize your dispatching. It’s as easy as A,B,C. Create unlimited Service Providers for each service you sell, you can set the assignment priority for all service providers. Then sit back, grab a drink and let PodiumIO’s Auto-Dispatching do the rest.

Automated dispatching
Dispatching Drag And Drop

Drag’n Drop Dispatching Calendar

With a simple Drag’n Drop, schedule unassigned or assigned bookings to one or multiple service providers and automatically notify them. Re-assign one or multiple service providers automatically send notifications. Your team will instantly know about any changes.

Service Provider Calendars & Auto-notifications

Happy Service Providers result in happy customers. Keep your team informed & on time – everytime! Service Providers can view their own PodiumIO work calendar or one-way sync to their google calendar. Each receives a daily email schedule every morning & is instantly updated with any changes during the day.

Dispatching Auto Employee Notifications
Dispatching Auto-Resize

Optimize your Teams productivity & daily revenues

Our Auto-Resize booking feature instantly calculates the booking durations based on the number of service providers per booking and then updates your real-time availability. Your calendar is automatically adjusted which optimizes your revenue hours in any one day.

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