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Communication Hub

Centralize all your customer communication in one place

An easy all-in-one tool for managing customer communications. You can now receive and reply to all incoming messages from all channels right from your PodiumIO. Communication Hub including via our Mobile App, making it possible to stay connected in the field and 24/7.

Deliver a customer experiences that lead to greater loyalty and growth,

  1. Respond Faster by connecting all your channels in a single Inbox
  2. More sales opportunity with quick access to “Actions”
  3. Coordinate quickly with your team having access to shared inbox
  4. Access to rich customer context without leaving Inbox.

Bring all customer communication into one collaborative platform with PodiumIO. Checkout Free tools you can add to your Communication Hub!

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All your channels, together

Bring every customer message into one place. Your inbox can be connected to Website Chat, text, email, Facebook and Google My Business.

All your customer conversations will be organized as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and respond faster. Your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

Turn every customer conversation into a growth opportunity.

Seamlessly convert your conversations into a sales opportunity. With easy access to “Actions” like send your booking page link, review request, customer portal.

Every conversation is surrounded by customer history, relevant sales data, and booking information for greater operational efficiency AND stronger customer relationships.

Quicker and convenient way to manage all the messages.

Handle all your conversations from a single inbox. PodiumIO’s Communication Hub allows you to quickly access all customer communication in one place. Email, text, live chat, Facebook Messenger or Google— you name it. Keep it all organized and actionable in one platform.

The Inbox organizes conversations as if they were from the same platform, making it easier for you to manage and faster to respond. This means you can view every message in client-specific threads instantly.

Ensure a more consistent customer experience and fewer headaches for your team.

PodiumIO communication hub creates transparency across communication channels and teams. Collaborate on customer communication to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience.You can allow your Service Provider access to customer communications through communication hub, in order to handle requests and share information across all channels: live chat, email, SMS, and social media.

With a shared view of every message in Inbox, there’s no confusion, duplicate replies, or emails slipping through the cracks.

Shared Inbox with Internal Chat feature allows you to freely send and receive messages with your Service Provider. Communication have never been so easy and seamless!

A lot goes into keeping customers happy.
Keep the conversation going with Communication Hub

Add any channels like Website Chat, SMS, Email and Social Media.
Get started by adding website chat to your website. One single script to add website chat >> Easy, simple and code-free!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PodiumIO Review Portal work?

Our Reviews Solution lets you request reviews from all your customers in a single click (increasing volume), Manage the diversity of reviews by choosing the platform you want your review to get published. Respond to all reviews across supported channels. Increase the number of positive reviews by getting them published and handle negative reviews privately, and much more Learn more

In which platforms can I ask for reviews from this portal?

Ask for customer reviews in the channels like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Google maps, Twitter, Trustpilot, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Youtube. Pick a channel you want from the ones that we support and get the positive reviews to be published on and reviews from dissatisfied clients are emailed privately to you so you can take immediate action.

Your rating satisfaction score, topics, keywords will be aggregated based on the connected channels from the above-supported channels.

How does PodiumIO Listings work?

PodiumIO Listings portal allows you to easily list your business on multiple specified online directories via your PodiumIO Listings portal and then syncs the information regularly to ensure your business ranks higher.

It is a one-stop service to build & optimize your business profile and with a single click, promote your company through search engines and directories, like Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Facebook, and many more. Learn more

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