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Advanced Customer & Booking Profiles Software

Best-in-class Layout for Customer & Booking Profiles allows super simple navigation

PodiumIO is designed to ensure you can easily navigate between Customer & Booking profiles and always find what you are looking for. Save a ton of time Creating, Editing, Rescheduling, or Updating any customer or booking and never keep your clients waiting.

  • Multi-access point for creating & managing Customer Profiles & Bookings
  • Update one-time or recurring bookings instantly
  • Keep Notes for Customers & Bookings
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Customer & Booking profiles made “Simple, Easy, & Efficient” (SEE)

Our “SEE” strategy is specifically designed to ensure you can run your customer management process & operations with minimal cost and allow rapid response times. Find everything you need in our advanced page layouts & navigate seamlessly between customer & booking profiles. PodiumIO offers you the best back-office management software for Home & Commercial Services businesses.

Customer booking profiles
Customer profiles

Modify & Update customer one-time or recurring bookings in-a-flash!

PodiumIO’s appointment scheduling & back office management software makes it super fast to update/modify/reschedule or even cancel customer bookings. Via our SMART calendar, the customer profile or in the booking profile you can make changes at once and instantly update customers & service providers.

Create & Save E-notes. Say good-bye to your sticky pads!

Good-bye yellow brick sticky pads and hello virtual notes – everywhere, anytime! Capture customer written notes from online bookings and/or add your own notes to any customer profile or booking. Set notes as one-time or as recurring, then make them visible to service providers for easy customer management.

Customer profiles

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