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User Admins 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Service Providers/Technicians

A service provider or technician is any employee or contractor that performs the home service work.

24/7 support Limited Priority
Live Phone Support Priority
Web Bookings 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Payment Transactions 5 Unlimited Unlimited
1-On-1 training
Dashboard & CRM
Acquire New Customers
Real Time Pricing & Booking (RTP&Booking) pages 1 Unlimited Unlimited

Booking Pages are customizable and display dynamic pricing/availabilities that suit your industry

1 Unlimited Unlimited
Best Practice Booking pages Templates
Advanced Flexible Price Builder
Recurring bookings
Extra’s (upselling features)
Frequency Discounts
Embedded booking pages

PodiumIO booking pages can be easily added to any website. Copy-paste the shared code into the HTML of your website, and it should appear.

Request A Quote Page (questionaires)

Engage Clients with RAQ questionnaires (on your website) that convert and Instantly direct RAQ’s to designated salespersons

Unlimited Unlimited
Call-in & On-Premise Booking Technology

Create bookings directly from your calendar by viewing available time slots and always provide your customers with accurate personalized pricing.

Hot Leads

Know your Hot Leads and connect with them to convert more customers

Appointment Scheduling & Management Software
SMART Calendar

Neatly organize your bookings. Easily create new bookings, reschedule appointments or make adjustment on the fly, directly in your calendar with a single drag & drop

Mobile App for iOS & Android

Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our Mobile App

Service Provider Checkin/CheckOut

Your service provider can keep you informed when they check-in/check-out from the customer location with Mobile App

Booking Attachments

Attach a checklist, manual, etc. in the booking and choose who can see the file – customer and/or service provider (team member)

Service Provider On Way/Running Late

Your service provider can send you a notification by 1-click if they are on the way or running late with Mobile App

Instant Booking Confirmations

Build Customer Loyalty & Trust with Customizable & Personalize automated Booking Confirmation Emails notifications

Advanced Customer & Bookings Navigation
Online Payment Processing

Accept Credit Card bookings directly on your website! We’ve partnered with STRIPE to give you the safest, fastest & most complete payment processing in the industry.

Invoicing & Payment Status

Generate and send invoices to your customers directly from within your PodiumIO dashboard

Multiple-Booking Invoicing
Refund management – Full & Partial

Save your time with Simple One-click Refund Process

Credit Card Verification

Customer credit cards are instantly authenticated and pre-authorized. For both Online or Call-In bookings, receive an instant notification if a card is declined or if the amount pre-authorized is not available on the credit card. Save time and be worry FREE!

Fraud prevention & verifiication
Stripe Integration

We’ve partnered with STRIPE to give you the safest, fastest & most complete payment processing in the industry.

Stripe Transaction Report
Customer Portal

The Customer portal will allow your customers to sign in to a secure platform to view their upcoming appointments and details.

Request a Rating

Request a rating from your customer anytime. View all your customer ratings in a single view.

Multiple Sales Tax

Add sales taxes for one or more location(s)

Import Existing Customer Files
Google calendar Sync

Sync all your booking in the PodiumIO dashboard with your Google Calendar

Professional Reports Basic Advanced
Auto Email Notifications & Reminders

Your customers and service providers are automatically notified of their bookings & any changes and instantly receive scheduled email notifications & reminders for all their bookings

Auto SMS Notifications & Reminders

Activate SMS notifications and schedule multiple pre-planned SMS reminders for service visits and reduce the highly expensive cost of “No-Shows”

Zip/Postal Code Filtering

Save time from having to double handle prospect customers outside the areas you serve. Auto filter and instantly inform prospect customers if you don’t service their zip/postal code.

Real Time Availability

Display Real-Time availability right on your website. Block off Time with a single drag-n-drop and update Availabilities by employee instantly


Assign jobs to 1 or more team members with a single Drag n Drop and automatically notify them

Auto Dispatching

Automate and prioritize your dispatching. Create unlimited Service Providers for each service you sell, you can set the assignment priority for all service providers.

Auto Recurrence Assignment

Choose to assign the same Service Provider(s) to your customer for each recurring booking they make.

Commercial Scheduling (Days of week recurrence)
Multiple Customer Locations

Add multiple customer locations & create call-in bookings quickly

Advanced Overbooking detection

To manage your bookings in a seamless way, it’s easy to know if any of your Service Provider(s) is double booked.

Service Providers Calendar

Keep track of your service provider’s booking schedule with our multi-view option calendar.

Booking assignment Calendar

Keep track of your booking by the service you offer with our multi-view option calendar. View your calendar by > Service type

Assignment status Calendar

Keep track of your operations with our multi-view option calendar including personalized color settings. View your calendar by % of Booking Assigned

Employee Assignment Notifications

Keep your team informed & on time – everytime! Your team is instantly informed about any changes in the work schedule

Daily Work Schedules email

Your team receives a daily email schedule every morning & is instantly updated with any changes during the day.

Employee Management
Admin Profiles 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Service Provider (SP) Profiles Unlimited
Employee & SP Permissions
Service Type Matching
Labor Hours Report
Google Analytics Integration
Online Store & Digital Marketing
Connect Your Existing WebSite
Connect Social Media Channels
Full Customizable E-commerce website Advanced Theme Included

Premium Theme
Add $150 (one time)
Advanced Theme Included

Premium Theme
Add $150 (one time)
Website Copy/Content Update
SSL certificate & installation
Mobile Responsive
Installed RTP&Booking pages
WordPress site with login credentials
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