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Customer Rating

Send a Rating Request to customers with “1 click”

With a single click have your customers provide an overall quality star rating for each service event. Check the rating & feedback given by the customer for all his bookings in a dedicated view.

Let your customers self-reschedule with  “1 Click” 

Allow your customers to self-reschedule or cancel with “1 click”

  • Choose to Include a “reschedule” and/or “cancel” button in each booking confirmation sent to you clients.
  • Easily select the time period (fence) prior to the service, in which your customer can reschedule or cancel.
  • The reschedule and/or cancel buttons instantly redirect your customer to a calendar displaying your live availabilities
  • Manage your business seamlessly with instant notifications when a customer cancels or reschedule a booking

PodiumIO Mobile App

Manage your team remotely & safely

Give your entire team real-time access to all their bookings & updates with a simple touch

  • Check-in/check-out, running late and on-my-way buttons instantly notify your admin of the status of your service providers. 
  • Instantly view maps & see easy mobile road directions to save time
  • Your Service Providers calendar and bookings are updated in real-time so everyone is always informed and communication is super-efficient.
  • Instant alerts and a full calendar for each team member.
  • and much much more…


Manage your finances flawlessly with new additions to our Payments Section

  • Offer customers a wide range of payment methods like, cash, cheque, Interac e-transfer, or external 3rd party payment options; e.g. PayPal and Square.
  • Allow bookings to be marked as paid by external (non-stripe) methods
  • Automatically pre-authorize new or recurring bookings with a simple click.  Then charge (capture) in part or in full, or release the pre-authorization with a simple click.
  • For call-in bookings, instantly preauthorize call-ins or mail-ins with a simple click

View all booking and customer finances with multi-view options

  • View total customer sales, collected and the amount owing
  • Dedicated section to view bookings with outstanding balances so you can prioritize payment collection
  • For respective customers, see overall sales, amount outstanding, and a detailed view of all bookings unpaid.
  • New sales reports available, by scheduled date and by created date
  • ….and much more


Live Pricing & Real-time Booking Pages

  • Turn on HOT LEADS to capture visitors contact information even if they don’t book right away.
  • Use our new dedicated PodiumIO “landing page” for easy consolidation and access to all your services booking pages. 
  • Instantly connect anyone or all your booking pages to any social media or marketplace channel to turn them into instant sales channels for your business
  • Incentivize your customers with more customizable frequency or pre-paid bundle discounts
  • Remove branding “Powered by PodiumIO” – available on request in our Grow subscription


  • Be updated on all your bookings and take quick actions directly from your dashboard.
  • Our new dashboard layout displays your next 7 days bookings so you can instantly focus on administrative priorities to save you time
  • New search features & filters allow you to quickly find what you are looking for.  

August 2020

New Booking & Customer Profile Status Header

  • New booking profile header instantly displays the stage and status of each booking.
  • For each booking we have added a quick glance header for the payment status.
  • Clone a booking! Now there’s a quick way to clone any existing or cancelled booking with just one click. 
  • Updating a booking’s status can now be done with just a simple click
  • plus much more…

July 2020

Booking Attachments

  • Upload multiple attachments (PDF, Jpeg etc) to a booking
  • Option to allow viewing of the attachment by the service provide, your customer or both.
  • Dedicated section to view all uploaded attachments for the company
  • Upload attachments when creating a call-in booking
  • Control the access rights for your team to view attachments

June 2020

Customer Imports

  • Easily upload any of your existing customer database.
  • Pre-test the quality & integrity of your customer list with our validation feature before importing the file to ensure your new client data base is optimized

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