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MAY 2021


With PodiumIO’s new internal INVOICING feature you will now be able to generate and send invoices to your customers directly from within your PodiumIO dashboard.  In addition, over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be adding a ton of other game-changing Invoicing and Payment Status features

Enhanced UI / On-page Support

We made UI updates to our already world-class user interface.  Enhanced Help Center and launched “On-page Guided Tour” and “On-page Support” to help you and your team easily learn all the great features of PodiumIO.  It’s instant, easy, and super friendly – you will never have to train another admin again!

APRIL 2021

Customer Portal

The Customer portal will allow your customers to sign in to a secure platform to view their upcoming appointments and details.

Being a mobile responsive site it gives your customers access to view all their upcoming appointments and their details like service location, service type, payment information, recent charges, who will be visiting, etc. from the phone.

You can allow your customers to sign in to their customer portal directly from your PodiumIO powered website.


Visual Alerts when a Service Provider is Double Booked

How can you determine if a Service Provider has been double-booked? 

PodiumIO now visually displays alerts of any booking where a Service Provider(s) has been double booked.  PodiumIO will instantly mark them in Red + Diagonal stripes, including a triangular warning label,   You won’t miss it.

You will see the double booking alert in your dashboard as well as in your calendar, dispatching, and all other main feature tabs.

Assign the same Service Provider(s) to a customers’ recurring booking

We know how important it is for many of your customers to have the same Service Provider(s) assigned to their recurring bookings. 

For obvious security and/or consistency reasons, this is even more important for residential consumers ( ex. home cleaning, lawn care, mobile detailing) or for personal care services (ex. massage therapist) who have a natural preference to see the same service provider coming to their home.

With just one click (or drag’n drop) you can now assign the same Service Provider(s) to all future occurrences of the same customer booking. 

For example, If your customer has booked a monthly window cleaning service, you can assign the same Service Provider (window cleaner) to all the monthly bookings made by this customer. 



  • Add tax code for more than one tax jurisdiction in a company. Read our support article – Tax Overview
  • Support a zero-tax rate booking page for your home service business
  • Change a tax rate, with all older bookings costs keeping their old tax rates and all new bookings use the new tax rate


 Stripe Transaction Report

  • All your stripe transactions can be viewed in a single report. Go to Reports > Stripe Charges
  • You can filter the list of stripe transactions by various time-frames like year, quarter, month, custom date, etc.
  • You can view charged date, transaction status (Refund/Charged), booking number, booking date, full name and amount charged.

Booking Pages

  • Booking Pages is enhanced to look more personalized to your brand. It now displays your brand colour in various sections of your booking page, like extras, date selection, call-to-actions.
  • The Booking page view is updated to show more relevant notifications display : The top 10 notifications, from yesterday into the future.

Support Centre

  • PodiumIO has launched it’s new & updated support centre for our customers to get quick resolution to their queries.
  • Live chat is integrated with “Help Article Auto-suggestions”, which instantly suggest relevant answers to the real-time customer queries.


Mobile App

  • Hide completed bookings : See what is most important to you and your service provider. With an option to hide the completed bookings from the mobile app, you can organize your data in the mobile app for a better view. Check how to do it.

Booking Reminder Notifications 

  • Modify the timing of the Booking Reminder Notifications – Fine tune the timings of the booking reminders sent to your customers for each booking page. Here’s how to do it.
  • Set respective amount of time prior to booking, for communication via email and SMS.
  • Get complete flexibility to add as many reminders you want via email and/or SMS to your customers for each booking page.

Payments – Full & Partial Refund

  • Process refund to your customers in full or partial amount with a single click.  Check how to do it.


Customer Rating

Send a Rating Request to customers with “1 click”

With a single click have your customers provide an overall quality star rating for each service event. Check the rating & feedback given by the customer for all his bookings in a dedicated view.

Let your customers self-reschedule with  “1 Click” 

Allow your customers to self-reschedule or cancel with “1 click”

  • Choose to Include a “reschedule” and/or “cancel” button in each booking confirmation sent to you clients.
  • Easily select the time period (fence) prior to the service, in which your customer can reschedule or cancel.
  • The reschedule and/or cancel buttons instantly redirect your customer to a calendar displaying your live availabilities
  • Manage your business seamlessly with instant notifications when a customer cancels or reschedule a booking

PodiumIO Mobile App

Manage your team remotely & safely

Give your entire team real-time access to all their bookings & updates with a simple touch

  • Check-in/check-out, running late and on-my-way buttons instantly notify your admin of the status of your service providers. 
  • Instantly view maps & see easy mobile road directions to save time
  • Your Service Providers calendar and bookings are updated in real-time so everyone is always informed and communication is super-efficient.
  • Instant alerts and a full calendar for each team member.
  • and much much more…


Manage your finances flawlessly with new additions to our Payments Section

  • Offer customers a wide range of payment methods like, cash, cheque, Interac e-transfer, or external 3rd party payment options; e.g. PayPal and Square.
  • Allow bookings to be marked as paid by external (non-stripe) methods
  • Automatically pre-authorize new or recurring bookings with a simple click.  Then charge (capture) in part or in full, or release the pre-authorization with a simple click.
  • For call-in bookings, instantly preauthorize call-ins or mail-ins with a simple click

View all booking and customer finances with multi-view options

  • View total customer sales, collected and the amount owing
  • Dedicated section to view bookings with outstanding balances so you can prioritize payment collection
  • For respective customers, see overall sales, amount outstanding, and a detailed view of all bookings unpaid.
  • New sales reports available, by scheduled date and by created date
  • ….and much more


Live Pricing & Real-time Booking Pages

  • Turn on HOT LEADS to capture visitors contact information even if they don’t book right away.
  • Use our new dedicated PodiumIO “landing page” for easy consolidation and access to all your services booking pages. 
  • Instantly connect anyone or all your booking pages to any social media or marketplace channel to turn them into instant sales channels for your business
  • Incentivize your customers with more customizable frequency or pre-paid bundle discounts
  • Remove branding “Powered by PodiumIO” – available on request in our Grow subscription


  • Be updated on all your bookings and take quick actions directly from your dashboard.
  • Our new dashboard layout displays your next 7 days bookings so you can instantly focus on administrative priorities to save you time
  • New search features & filters allow you to quickly find what you are looking for.  

August 2020

New Booking & Customer Profile Status Header

  • New booking profile header instantly displays the stage and status of each booking.
  • For each booking we have added a quick glance header for the payment status.
  • Clone a booking! Now there’s a quick way to clone any existing or cancelled booking with just one click. 
  • Updating a booking’s status can now be done with just a simple click
  • plus much more…

July 2020

Booking Attachments

  • Upload multiple attachments (PDF, Jpeg etc) to a booking
  • Option to allow viewing of the attachment by the service provide, your customer or both.
  • Dedicated section to view all uploaded attachments for the company
  • Upload attachments when creating a call-in booking
  • Control the access rights for your team to view attachments

June 2020

Customer Imports

  • Easily upload any of your existing customer database.
  • Pre-test the quality & integrity of your customer list with our validation feature before importing the file to ensure your new client data base is optimized

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