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Pet Services Software

The 1st All-in-One Business Software for ALL Pet Services

Acquire new customers, automate & simplify your operations and build your online presence!
  • Customizable “Live Pricing & Real-Time Appointment” booking pages
  • Instantly convert Online & Call-in Customers
  • Integrated back-office & customer management system
  • Hassle-free hosted websites + online sales channel
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Acquire New Customers & increase sales

Make booking pet services easy! Build brand integrity and instantly get paying customers with PodiumIO’s e-growth features.

Simplify Running Your Pet Service Business

No more sticky notes! Keep track of everything; Groomers, Walkers, Addresses, Reminders, Scheduling and so much more with a simple drag and drop.

Grow & Build your Online Presence

Why go door to door when you can go viral! Connect online ads & social channels directly to your pet service website with Dynamic & Personalized Pricing Pages!



Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Software for Pet Services

Clients can easily book and pay online. Credit cards are instantly validated and we verify if funds are available on the card. Clients receive automated confirmations once they book your dog services. It’s that easy.

Use Social to Reach New Dog Owners

Instantly connect the “book now” button of your fave social media channel’s to your Personalized Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages. Voila, your dog service prospect can now buy & pay directly from your Facebook & Instagram site!

Quoting Software for Pet Service Businesses

Have customers fill out the necessary info for a quote online and send back their quote quickly and swiftly. Your clients know what to expect, and you cut down on repetitive work.

Send Professional Quotes to Dog Owners

Send professional quotes by email to anyone who contacts you – in minutes. Gain credibility from new dog service clients and increase your conversion rates.

A SMART Calendar for Pet Care Professionals

Easily and instantly manage all of your bookings with a simple Drag’n’Drop! Spend time with your furry friends, not scheduling!

Process Call-in & On-Premise Dog Care Appointments

Got a potential dog walking, dog groomer, or dog pooper scooper customer on the line? Instantly create or edit bookings and provide customers with personalized pricing in real-time. Process, confirm and notify clients and staff in seconds.

Dog Service Dispatching Software

Avoid the ‘who is doing what’ confusion by assigning work to your employees. Do it yourself with user-friendly drag-and-drop, or set it to auto-dispatch. Employees can schedule themselves and get automated reminders to ensure a pleasant work experience.

Real-Time Availability for Dog Services

Whether you’re a dog walker, dog sitter, dog groomer, or dog pooper scooper, it’s easy to update your SMART calendar it is always up to-date for your clients. Never worry about double-booking!

Email & SMS Reminder for Pet Services

Auto-remind clients of where they need to be with their furry friends without doing endless call-backs and avoid no-shows.

Personalized Dog Service Customer Profiles

Keep all your info on every customer in the same place. Note dog names, breeds, and preferences (walking speed, favorite grooming techniques, etc).

Effortless Payment Processing for Dog Services

Clients choose their favorite payment options. You get paid for your dog services without a hassle. Everyone wins.

Zip/Postal Code Filtering Software For Local Pet Services

For services like dog walking or dog waste removal, Zip/Postal code filtering will let prospective clients know if they are outside of your operating area, saving both you and your clients the pain of canceling bookings.

Pet Services Management Software

Keep all your pet service employees happy with consistent scheduling, reminders, employee accounts, calendars, auto-dispatching and more.

Dog Service Websites Your Clients Will Love

Everything you need to capture the heart of online visitors and convert new clients. Beautiful designs give a clean and professional look to your dog service business.


Jump Start & Grow Your Business


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Frequently Asked Questions

I run a business that isn’t a home service business, can I still use PodiumIO?

Absolutely, PodiumIO is a versatile booking technology, so if your business is on location, online, or anything else, PodiumIO can be tailored to your needs.

I want to schedule customers but I would like to only provide them with a quote, is this possible?

Yes! If your service is especially affected by unpredictable factors, PodiumIO gives you the ability to offer your customers a quote and time to schedule an appointment without tying your business to a fixed service price.

I don’t have an existing business but would like to start, does PodiumIO make sense for me?

Absolutely, one of the best ways to get started is to put yourself out there and legitimize yourself. If you’re just starting out try our free ‘Start’ plan, it gives you the technology and credibility you need to start your new business venture and attract customers.

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