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Mobile Car Wash Service Software

Wash, Wax, and Relax!

All in 1 Software for Mobile Car Wash Businesses. Take your Car Detailing Business to the next level.
  • Have online shoppers, buy, book and instantly pay
  • Organize Washes with your SMART calendar
  • Manage it all anywhere, anytime
  • Live Support – Product experts are here to help
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Acquire New Car Wash Customers & Increase Sales

Make booking a mobile car wash easy both on-line and for call-ins! Let your customer base and revenues grow.

Simplify Running Your Auto Detailing Business

Automate your car wash business from scheduling cleanings to sending reminders and much more!

Build Your Online Car Wash Store and Digital Marketing Presence

Promote your online shop with your website or by connecting your social sites and online ads directly to your Mobile Car Wash Booking Pages.



Mobile Car Wash Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Software

Customizable booking pages so your customers can book, schedule, and pay for car washes online!

Mobile Car Wash Online Sales Channel Software

Easily include ‘Book Now’ options to facebook and Instagram!

Car Detail Request-A-Quote Software

Easily have customers send you the necessary information to provide them a quote on their car detailing.

Quoting Software for Mobile Automobile Detailing

Easily process interested Car Wash Customers by sending them quotes in seconds!

A SMART Calendar For Auto Detailing

Multi-view settings, color coordination, or make changes with a Drag & Drop. The SMART calendar keeps all of your car wash bookings in one place!

Process Call-in & On-Premise Mobile Car Wash Appointments

Make processing customers a breeze! Plug in customer orders and quickly schedule call-ins or on-premise car detailings!

Dispatching Software for Car Detailing Businesses

Quickly Drag and Drop work orders to Detailers! Even set priorities, and have PodiumIO auto-dispatch work orders, complete with scheduling and notifications.

Real-Time Availabilities Software for Auto Detailing

Avoid double bookings with PodiumIO. Our software knows when and who is available and updates your booking page.

Mobile Car Wash Email & SMS Reminders

Don’t let your customer drive away last minute! Reminders by Email and SMS prevent missing cars at the time of their service.

Advanced Customer & Cleaning Profile Software

Keep all your customer information in one place! Quickly find customers, emails, phone numbers, bookings, cars, and notes.

Mobile Car Wash Payment Software

Give customers the option to pay for their car wash securely online!

Zip/Postal Code Filtering Software For Automobile Detailers

Don’t head to Timbuktu for your next work order. ZipCode filters mean you only get the customers who are worth your time.

Car Detailer Management Software

Easily manage your Auto Detailing dream team. Add Detailers, create priorities, send schedules, and automate scheduling.

The Best Mobile Car Wash Websites

Our websites are expertly designed to sell Mobile Car Wash services. Each comes with an SSL certificate, hosting and are monitored, so you can be sure your E-store (website) stays up to date and safe, while you focus on running your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I run a business that isn’t a home service business, can I still use PodiumIO?

Absolutely, PodiumIO is a versatile booking technology, so if your business is on location, online, or anything else, PodiumIO can be tailored to your needs.

I want to schedule customers but I would like to only provide them with a quote, is this possible?

Yes! If your service is especially affected by unpredictable factors, PodiumIO gives you the ability to offer your customers a quote and time to schedule an appointment without tying your business to a fixed service price.

I don’t have an existing business but would like to start, does PodiumIO make sense for me?

Absolutely, one of the best ways to get started is to put yourself out there and legitimize yourself. If you’re just starting out try our free ‘Start’ plan, it gives you the technology and credibility you need to start your new business venture and attract customers.

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