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Handyman Service Software

A Handyman's Digital Multi-tool

A single tool to start and scale your handyman business!
  • Convert more clients and grow your business
  • A simple and fast platform you and your customers will love
  • From managment to marketing a full solution for handyman services
  • Expert live support dedicated to your success
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Acquire New Handyman Customers

Online visitors get everything they need to book your handyman services from Instant Quotes, Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages, and much more.

Simplify Your Handyman Business

Hammer the walls, not your brain. Save time managing back-end tasks like dispatching and appointment reminders. PodiumIO will do it all for you.

Effective Online Marketing

Every social media profile becomes a direct selling channel in a single click. Your website connects to your channels and also becomes a hub for your online ads.



Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Software for Handyman Services

Customers quickly learn how your pricing and scheduling works, while the software books and processes their payment!

Use Social to Reach New Handyman Customers

People love using social media to find handyman services. Generate leads the easy way with integrated “Book now” buttons.

Quoting Software for Handyman Service Businesses

Customers want a quote? All they have to do is input their request through a quote form, and you can quickly quote them.

Insta-Quoting Software for Handyman Businesses

With the click of a button, instantly send personalized quotes to handyman customers!

A SMART Calendar for Handyman Professionals

Drag’n’Drop bookings to make it simple to organize your schedule. Spend less time managing and more time being handy!

Process Call-in & On-Premise Handyman Bookings

Got a potential handyman customer on the phone? Instantly create or edit bookings and provide real-time, personalized pricing to customers. It only takes seconds to process, confirm and notify customers and employees.

Dispatching Software for Handyman Professionals

Seamlessly manage your team of handymen with Drag’n’Drop assigning. And with instant dispatch and notifications, your entire team knows where to go.

Real-Time Availability for Handyman Services

No more embarrassing double-bookings. Easily update your SMART calendar to keep staff and customers up to date.

Email & SMS Reminder for Handyman Services

Save time reminding customers and reduce no shows. PodiumIO automatically sends email and SMS reminders to save you the hassle.

Personalized Handyman Service Customer Profiles

Got recurring clientele? Note location details, addresses, job frequency, and anything else you need at your convenience.

Effortless Payment Processing for Handyman Services

Have your clients complete their payments online or choose their favorite payment option.

Zip/Postal Code Filtering Software For Local Handyman Services

Only serve clients in a certain area? Save the trouble of distant clients with automatic Zip/Postal Code filtering.

Handyman Employee Management Software

Run a smooth operation whether you’re alone or have a staff of 20+. Consistent scheduling, reminders, employee accounts, calendars, and auto-dispatching make it easy for you.

Handyman Service Websites Your Clients Will Love

Impress prospective clients with a professional, secure website for your handyman business. They’re ready for deployment fully designed, hosted and SSL certified!

Jump Start & Grow Your Business


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Frequently Asked Questions

I run a business that isn’t a home service business, can I still use PodiumIO?

Absolutely, PodiumIO is a versatile booking technology, so if your business is on location, online, or anything else, PodiumIO can be tailored to your needs.

I want to schedule customers but I would like to only provide them with a quote, is this possible?

Yes! If your service is especially affected by unpredictable factors, PodiumIO gives you the ability to offer your customers a quote and time to schedule an appointment without tying your business to a fixed service price.

I don’t have an existing business but would like to start, does PodiumIO make sense for me?

Absolutely, one of the best ways to get started is to put yourself out there and legitimize yourself. If you’re just starting out try our free ‘Start’ plan, it gives you the technology and credibility you need to start your new business venture and attract customers.

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