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Build your Home Service Business

You’ve got the will. We have the way!

Build & grow lasting client relationships, simplify running your home service business & convert prospects into paying customers.
  • Convert Online, Call-In & On-Premise customers
  • Simple, Fast & Versatile
  • End-to-End Online Solution
  • Versatile and for any Home Service Business
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Built for ALL Home Service Businesses

Growing & Managing your Home Service business has never been so easy! Built by home service operators, PodiumIO is adaptable to any home service business! Whether you are in the Home Cleaning, Home Maintenance, Personal Care, Exterior works, Personal training or any other sector that services customers at their home, office or even in your own retail location, PodiumIO is built for you.

  • Unlimited Customizable Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages
  • Integrated Business Management software for all service businesses
  • Hassle FREE & customized hosted Website

Start, Grow & Scale

The most Scalable & Versatile Solution for growing your business

Whether you are looking to start a new business or simply want to take your existing business to a new level, PodiumIO gives you access to the fastest growing segment of home service shoppers. With PodiumIO you can easily connect to new sales channels as well as instantly add new services for your customers to buy.

  • Access new online & offline sales channels instantly
  • Increase total revenue + Revenue per customer
  • The best investment you’ll ever make!

Expand & Extend

Expand your Business with no additional cost!

We made expanding into new areas and extending into new services as simple as 1,2,3. With PodiumIO you can expand & extend your business without worry & without having to spend more money on technology or developers. In minutes, you can easily test offering new services, enter new zip/area codes or even try new pricing for existing services. We are here to help you every step of the way!

  • Expand your service offerings instantly & easily
  • Add & connect new employees or contractors at any time
  • Modify your service areas when/ever you want
  • Test new pricing & extra’s
  • One low flat Monthly subscription
    • No transaction fees
    • No hidden costs
    • No contracts
    • No commission
    • No User fees
Expand Your Business

Happy Customer, Happy Life

Delight your customers every time!

The best viral growth strategy is an amazing customer experience! Build your customers trust & confidence by always keeping them informed! Our All-in-1 solution provides you and your customer a fully integrated end-to-end experience which will keep them coming back for more, frequently! With PodiumIO your customers can:

  • Buy & book in 60 seconds
  • Obtain Personalized Pricing Instantly
  • Schedule Appointments based on your real-time Availability
  • Receive instant confirmations & reminders
  • Pay securely online

The BEST “ALL-IN-1” E-commerce Solution


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Frequently Asked Questions

I run a business that isn’t a home service business, can I still use PodiumIO?

Absolutely, PodiumIO is a versatile booking technology, so if your business is on location, online, or anything else, PodiumIO can be tailored to your needs.

I want to schedule customers but I would like to only provide them with a quote, is this possible?

Yes! If your service is especially affected by unpredictable factors, PodiumIO gives you the ability to offer your customers a quote and time to schedule an appointment without tying your business to a fixed service price.

I don’t have an existing business but would like to start, does PodiumIO make sense for me?

Absolutely, one of the best ways to get started is to put yourself out there and legitimize yourself. If you’re just starting out try our free ‘Start’ plan, it gives you the technology and credibility you need to start your new business venture and attract customers.

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