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What we created: An All in One Solution for Home Services

Cleaning Software by PodiumIO

Welcome to the PodiumIO Blog! We felt it was a good idea to tell you about how our product works and how it has come to be the fully loaded solution for Home Service Businesses that it is today.

PodiumIO’s journey began years ago when its founders Eric and Franc were looking for a solution for their multi on-demand home service business, Buonaliving.com. After not being able to find a worthy solution, they decided to combine their 35+ years as seasoned executives in technology and management to create functional booking pages for home service industries.

Thanks to their experience Franc and Eric understood there was a number of custom variables involved in pricing home cleaning services, moving, handyman services, car washes, pet services, dog walkers and there was still no perfect option for selling personalized services to the growing number of online buyers of services.

Home Cleaning Software

To this day, for many home services, all pricing has to be done through quotes or over the phone. Thus the aim became to provide a dynamic and easy-to-use digital solution to the complex pricing models found in many home service industries.

Since then, PodiumIO has grown from flexible booking pages, to an all-in-1 e-commerce solution to accommodate the multifaceted challenges that come with running a home service business, both online and off.

Our aim is to give home service business owners the tools they need to build a successful enterprise, where they maximize profit margins, grow their customer base, and significantly simplify their operations.

PodiumIO has grown into the most feature-rich product that simplifies the complex administration involved with running a home service business. From ensuring a strong online presence and consumer journey to scheduling customers, setting service areas, dispatching employees, processing payments, managing bookings, managing service providers, quotes, and much much more (see features).

Today, we’re very proud to say PodiumIO is the most feature-rich and customizable solution on the market for home service entrepreneurs. Whether you’re part of an established business or looking to launch a side hustle or taking a small enterprise to the next level, we are here to give you a full suite of features that all work together to help you simplify and grow.

Digital Storefronts

If you don’t already have a website, or would like an online makeover, our solution includes hassle free & customizable websites designed specifically to convert online shoppers and increase your call-ins. Your website is delivered with your Real Time Pricing & Booking Pages fully installed and connected to your Back-Office Management Software to keep everything seamless. This gives businesses the online storefront they need in a mobile-first world, and also includes integration to your social media presence so that your social channels instantly become sales channels for you as well.

Real Time Pricing & Booking Pages

Where it all began, our Bread-and-Butter, thanks to our highly customizable Real-Time Pricing & Booking pages, home services can offer dynamic pricing models that mimic the actual selling process. Our pages instantly calculate the price and the estimated time for the service, it then correlates with the live calendar so buyers can immediately schedule an appointment based on your live availabilities, pay online and instantly receive a booking confirmation! In other words, we built a smart online checkout for home services.

This gives a consumer great value, convenience and trust in their booking journey and appeals to the majority of the population who prefer online shopping, while giving our customers an easy solution for growing their business online and keeping things organized. For traditional “Call-In’s”, no problem! Simply click on the calendar and process their order in seconds. Everyone is notified instantly!

Management Software

This is really where the magic breaks down. For all bookings online or off, our back-end panel is your headquarters. Using our extremely friendly ops console, you can see all of your schedules, manage employees (or have employees manage themselves), dispatch, process payments, send quotes, set automatic email and sms reminders, set service area parameters, find booking and customer info, company working hours, design booking pages, and much more. We are constantly updating and improving our features back here and we’re looking forward to see what else we will add in the future.


How to get started

  1. Set up an account, (company operating hours, logo, employee or service providers accounts, etc)
  2. Select amongst the many pre-existing Real-Time pricing & Booking pages or build one from scratch in a few minutes. Customizing your pricing models and labor times is as easy as 1,2,3.
  3. Copy, paste, and install the booking page onto the web and social sites. If you’ll decide to use our websites, we’ll do it for you! If not, no worries, it’s a simple cut, copy and paste.
  4. Bookings come in (either on the web or via call-ins) and land in the SMART Calendar.
  5. Bookings are then dispatched to service providers. (either auto or manual)
  6. Email and SMS Notifications are sent to service providers and customers.
  7. The job is completed!
  8. With a simple click, the payment is processed
  9. If you like most of PodiumIO’s clients, your consumers will keep coming back for more.

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Meanwhile all the data is securely stored in your account and accessible to ensure every service goes off without a hitch.

Actual image of home service team using podiumIO 😉

We’re really happy with what we’ve designed so far and our customers are reacting extremely well to the updates. We’re excited to be helping both new and existing home service entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to make advanced technology, which is often only affordable for large companies, available to small & medium-size businesses. Let us worry about maintaining it, while you focus on your customers.

Unlike marketplaces which charge you a large % of your sales, our model is a simple very low monthly subscription. We make our living on building your trust, and not by cutting into the already tight profit margins of the home service industry.

We are looking forward to working with you, implementing new valuable features, and seeing what else we will accomplish together for your home service business.